Thursday, July 31, 2008

Less money, more health

….Edward Jardini, MD, a family practice doc in Templeton, CA, has written How to Save on Prescription Drugs: 20 Cost-Saving Methods.

…Each year, people under 64 fill an average of 10 prescriptions a year. Over 64—that’s 28.

..As we all know, these can get pricey. One glaucoma medicine costs $1 a drop and yet people put in way more than the one drop the eye can hold.

…He recommends a medication review in light of this economy. This is a special visit to the doc just to discuss medications and prices.

…He also advises patients not accept those free samples, because they can run out and then you are tied to an expensive drug (the ones they leave samples for).

…Don’t ask for those advertised meds, he also advises. You may get them, and they may not be right for you.

…Also don’t accept drugs with ER or CD on the name. These are expensive drugs whose patent has been extended by making them Extended Release or Continuous Delivery.

…This means it’s soon to go generic, but has not done so yet.

…All this can be discussed in your med review.

…Right, readers? Right?

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Edward Jardini MD said...

Thanks for mentioning "How to Save on Prescription Drugs". It's not a bad read, and it just might save you a small fortune!
Love the blog, keep up the sass!

--Edward Jardini MD