Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Staycations--serious fun

…HA is like the woman in the commercial who says she hasn’t had a vacation since third grade, but this stay at home thing…really?

…With gas soaring into the stratosphere and the airlines sizing you up for the hold, what’s a body to do?

…HA has heard of pitching the tent in the backyard or even in the house.

…S’mores made over a candle? Worse yet, in the Viking?

…Watching feral cats instead of bears or moose?

…The wading pool with the one deflated ring instead of the ocean?

…Disney World instead of Europe…wait, that one costs.

…In the Wall Street Journal, Mary Pilon talks about a woman who staged a trip to Japan in her Bronx apartment. She pulled out the bonsai and called for sushi.

…One guy even started a business to make people’s homes “hotel-like.” He provides Do Not Disturb signs, little soaps and shampoos, and presumably some kind of locked bar full of tiny liquor bottles. Room service comes from a local restaurant.

…But who makes the bed in the morning, huh? Well, he does. Wakeup calls and maid service come with it.

….OK, whew, great mattress, then what? Count the feral cats in the yard?

…HA supposes there probably are local attractions everyone as a native has never checked out. She did an article once on attractions in DC—and had to go to a ton of places for the first time.

…It was kinda fun.

...If you never leave, you save on kennel fees. You probably won't get Montezuma's revenge.

…As for Do Not Disturb—this comes too late for HA. She is already disturbed.

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