Friday, July 18, 2008

Stranded at the airport

…Sharon McDonnell (NYT, July 15, 2008) talks about what to do if you get stuck at the airport overnight—which is happening more as flights get scratched and overbooked.

…Getting the airline to stand you to a hotel is also becoming rarer.

…You know, said one interviewee, that if they are charging for a bag, they aren’t paying for a hotel.

…One guy has created what he calls the Mini Motel—a one-person tent, with air mattress, pillow, reading light, alarm clock and pillow ($39.95).

…If you are going to be spending the night, quick buy water and food, was one piece of advice. Those shops close.

…Pack towels or something for a pillow (one for under the hips, one commenter said, because the floor that way is more comfy than those stupid chairs).

…If you are stuck all day—go outside. Even sight see. But at least get some air.

…Bring cards—someone will play with you.

…Or you can check out

…Nighty-night, don’t let the pickpockets bite.

…Forget HA—she is just bitter because she never goes anywhere—now they call that a staycation.

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