Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Allergic to life

…Stress and anxiety can make allergies worse, according to some Ohio State scientists.

…Is this common knowledge? HA can’t quite tell.

…They took some volunteers with a history of hay fever and seasonal allergies. Over three days, standard allergy tests were taken. Then all got tests to determine their stress level.

…And THEN...One day they had a low stress day—reading magazines.

…They day after that, they had to give a videotaped speech, solve math problems without a pen and paper, and watch their performances on tape.

…Stress! Suicide here! (Sorry—HA loses control sometimes.)

…In moderately stressed people, the wheals from the allergy test were 75% larger on stress day. Those who started off stressed doubled their wheal size! Much worse!

…The stressed people also had allergy syptoms persist longer.

…Eeek—HA thinks she is half-dead from stress now. No allergy tests!

…Naw, the message is: Try to de-stress.

…Yeah, try it! De-stressing is stressful.

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