Thursday, August 07, 2008

Brand X for dinner?

…The Associated Press’s Dan Sewell says store brands are getting more attention, what with the economy tanking and all.

…Is he joking? You have never heard of the brands on HA’s shelf? They say VALUE or FOOD (in case she was doubtful).

…When HA sees bread on sale, she gets four loaves and freezes. Who needs Costco?

…HA also found out long ago that Kroger canned spaghetti sauce tastes way better than the jar brands.

…The store brands don’t look as pathetic as they used to, either. They aren’t dented cans or seconds. They also aren’t drab. Despite HA’s feeble jokes, store brands are called “Private Selection” or “Naturally Preferred.”

…Some store spokesfolk told Sewell these brands represented them, were their signature, and were not some creepy little secret.

…Try that Kroger spaghetti sauce. Garlic & Herbs is the best.

…Value saltines also taste better than Zesta.

…If you see the words, “Peanut Butter Cookies,” do you really need a mouthy little elf next to them?

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