Friday, August 08, 2008

Break the mold

…Daniel Stone (Newsweek, Aug 11, 2008) writes about all the crud in our houses that’s trying to off us.

…HA’s niece moved into a rental and thought she had black (stachybotrys) mold, the kind that can supposedly make people sick. The stench turned out to be a toilet without a seal, but it was not a good moment.

…Many people just can’t stand much more asbestos, paint fumes, dust mite poop or other pollutants 27/7 where they live and sleep.

…Having an eco firm go over your digs is not cheap and can cost $1000 or more. Most horrible is asbestos, which is linked to cancer. Mold is second—there are 200,000 species, with stachy being the most notorious for causing harm.

…Animal dander is next. HA has friends who walk in, sneeze, and mumble, “Cats.”

…There is not much certification or oversight of inspection or eradication firms. Is a visual inspection (stinky black slime behind a wall) better than air testing? Not known.

…It takes as much to be a mold expert, one source said, as to print a business card.

…HA has written about this—bleach mixed with water.

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...It's always something, isn't it?

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