Saturday, August 02, 2008

By a nose

…According to the Harvard HEALTHbeat, we detect less disgusting stuff as we get older. This also applies to apple blossoms and perfume, though.

…Food becomes less flavorful. This, in turn, takes away your appetite.

…You can not detect smoke—your house could be on fire.

…Common meds like beta blockers can rob smell. Over 90% of Alzheimers patients have some loss of smell—and the loss can be an early symptom.

…Half of those over 60 can’t smell the way they used to.

…In some cases, docs can prescribe antihistamines. Leukotriene inhibitors can reduce nasal polyps. A short course of steroids can reduce nasal blocks, too.

…If you lose your sense of taste over a cold and it doesn’t come back, asking the doc can also be advisable.

…We all know how easy it is to do that!

…HA can still wrinkle at the cat box—she is holding her own.

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