Monday, August 04, 2008

A doctor was nice to HA

…Stop the presses! At the NYT health blog, discussions go on for weeks with doctors and patients sniping and accusing each other…You are a snippy idiot who almost killed me, well, you broke appts without calling and I have student loans to pay, etc.

…This has become a war, people.

…Check out -- this whippersnapper spews daily on how fat and irritating and what con artists patients are trying to get drugs and with their tiresome, boring diabetes.

…HA has had an almost comical number of horrible medical encounters. Every hospitalization she has encountered, every bit of damage to her body, has come from a medication or operation.

…So imagine her surprise to actually have a decent medical appointment—and it was at Urgent Care. HA had violent abdominal pains for a day and a half and could not bear to call “her” doctor because his office often had the machine on during business hours, did not have same-day appts, and the doctor had not helped intervene during her eye crisis and now does not take care of patients in the hospital.

…So Urgent Care it was. The doctor there, a young woman in her 30s, actually talked to HA for 10 whole minutes. She asked what happened to HA’s eye. She asked about her medications. She laughed at HA’s jokes (smiled anyway, instead of making a hurry-up motion with her hands). She even asked HA’s opinion of what antibiotic she wanted—and HA, in turn, took her advice on the medicine.

…When HA asked could they call ahead to the pharmacy, someone picked up the phone and did it without a giant stream of excuses.

…Then, when HA got home, she looked at the printout they had given her and not only did it contain her test results, but the line: “I hope you feel better soon.”

…HA has never had a doctor say or write that. It meant a lot!

…If only doctors knew how we long for what one person wrote on the NYT rant: “A balance between being considered intelligent and capable of understanding our condition and a feeling of trust for the doctor.”

…”I hope you feel better soon.”

…Far out.

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