Friday, August 15, 2008

Does your child have "good kid" DNA?

…Assuming we define “good” as pleasant and law-abiding (and HA is not sure she does, completely), new research may indicate that some kids who never seem to learn from their mistakes may have a glitch in their DNA coils.

…Sharon Begley wrote about this in Newsweek (Aug 18, 2008). Kids who always seem to make poor choices may be lacking in dopamine receptors—molecules that receive thoughts and emotions. This in turn, some say, can lead to the inability to resist drugs or learn from past bad experiences.

…The lessons just don’t sink in.

…Weirdly, the sweetest kids are the least likely to emulate their parents and their lessons. The fussy, ornery ones are more likely to absorb the lessons.

…Kids who go with the flow are more like Teflon, Begley says. Even the good lessons flow off them.

…This gene conformation also determines whether breastfeeding gives the kid a leg up or not. The ones lacking the receptors can even dodge bad parenting and not over react to abuse.

…Of course, the scientists on both sides are now squaring off at each other.

…But HA is thinking, “Hmmmm.”

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