Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to tell boss-to-be about a disability

…We all know the disabled cannot be discriminated against in employment, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen..

…Suzanne Robitaille (WSJ, Aug 26, 2008) writes says it’s best to give management a heads-up.

…Before even applying, know the company culture. Some companies are known for their tolerance. Check out and for their membership lists.

…Do not mention your problem in your resume or cover letter unless it’s directly related to the job. Instead, talk about it with the hiring person on the second or third go-round.

…If you take the job and are trying to prove yourself before telling, start with someone in the company you trust. One woman got the job and didn’t talk about her MS until she had some symptoms.

…If you need accommodation, such as a wheelchair ramp, you need to disclose first.

…Network with other people with your disability.

…A physical problem is a reality. We like to think we live in a reality based world—don’t we? Sucks, doesn’t it? But you can do this!

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