Monday, August 25, 2008

Labeling your own meds

…HA seems to be down to one eye and squints mightily at prescription bottles—is that the one with the long name, OK…that must be for…

…Now, a pharmacy manager here in AZ has applied for a patent for a plastic ring that fits around a prescription bottle allowing you to write a short note in large letters, such as “BLOOD PRESSURE.”

…Legally, pharmacists, he says, cannot write on the bottle what it’s for. The Medi-Ring lets you do that.

…One aging expert (expert in aging, not necessarily older) said the real problem is getting the elderly to take their medicines—this is what those compartmented boxes are for.

…The pharmacist’s idea is that pharmacies will distribute the rings—this is not some big thing you will need to—or even could—buy.

…Why not write on the label? Actually HA has tried that and your pen slips off the rounded surface and it looks like a monkey on ‘ludes did it.

…Would writing on the ring be easier?

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