Monday, August 11, 2008

Let the kids cook--they'll eat better

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (July 30, 2008), Srianthi Perera interviews registered dietitian Michelle Dudash, who offers a cooking class for children 7-12.

…The classes are under the auspices of the Child Obesity Center in Chandler.

…The idea is that the tendency to be overweight can pass from generation to generation (the genetic link), and teaching kids about food and how to prepare it can break the cycle.

…In Arizona, 30% of kids are overweight or obese. Hardest hit are low income kids

…She won’t say the kids are losing weight, but she does say they are learning new lifelong skills.

…At the end of each class, the participants have a family-style meal. Then they take home the recipes.

…HA has pretty good memories of home ec in junior high. She made a muffin with a sugar cube soaked on orange juice in it—memorable. Also meatloaf in muffin tins. HA and her friends enjoyed aggravating the teacher, Mrs Cox by calling these creations Mutt Muffins.

…Ah, school. How exquisite! Let’s hope these little tots learn 50 ways to make kale and stay healthy all their lives.

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