Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Maggots with a job

…Usually HA reserves the term maggot for select members of the commercial community, but this is about real little wigglers. You know, baby flies.

…According to Newsday, Aug 7, 2008, British scientists have found that maggots may help to create an antibiotic that will attack the MRSA killer bug.

…The works is taking place at Swansea Univ in South Wales and the antibiotic comes from secretions (HA hates that word, by the way) of the green bottle fly larva. The secretion, if you care, is saliva.

…It takes 20 maggots to make one drop (Caution: Maggots at work).

…Some docs (and not even from the Middle Ages) use maggots to clean wounds.

…”Maggots are great little multitaskers,” enthused one researcher.

…The new stuff cleans up diabetic foot ulcers with MRSA in 3 weeks versus 28 for other approaches.

…File under great new uses for gross stuff.

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