Friday, August 29, 2008

Many people unsure about what increases cancer risk

…HA has several closely beloved ideas that are probably completely wrong. Everyone does.

…A recent post on by Deborah Condon talks about mistaken beliefs about what increases risk of cancer.

…People around the world tend to think environmental factors have more of an impact than lifestyle.

…A survey of 30,000 people in 29 countries found that people in high income countries were least likely to think alcohol increased cancer risk, with 42% saying Demon Rum was not a factor. In middle-income places, only 26% exonerated alcohol. In low-income countries, only 15% let booze off the hook.

…Studies show as alcohol intake goes up, cancer risk increases.

…In high-income countries, not eating fruits and veggies was considered a bigger risk than excessive use of alcohol, although studies suggest the opposite.

…In high-income countries, stress and air pollution were seen as higher risks than alcohol. These are considered minor and stress doesn’t even register.

…In higher-income countries, people tended to think cancer treatment was more likely to work than people in lower-income areas. This feeling might keep people from seeking treatment—and is not supported by research.

…People tend to think that elements out of their control “cause” cancer, not things they could change.

…At very least, one doc said, we need some campaigns to educate people and show them a reason to change behavior.

…Even with reasons, losing weight, which has been shown to be quite problematical, and eating 11 growing things a day are challenges.

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