Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Probiotics--what's the story there?

…Back in the day, HA’s Mom used to make some pretty odoriferous, potent yogurt in the oven—you knew it was full of little flora and fauna and wasn’t some uptown pudding deal.

…Supposedly these critters in yogurt help populate your innards with good elements that help you digest and absorb food and not get overgrown with yeast. (Antibiotics kill bad f&f.)

…Natasha Trenev has checked into 200 clinical trial studies on yogurt.

…First, she says, yogurt must be kept under refrigeration.

…If you see the terms Bifidus regularis and L. casei defensis—this is m.BS (major you know what). These terms mean nothing.

…The FDA does not check food for effectiveness, but at least be sure the yogurt maker runs the GMP label—this stands for Good Manufacturing Practices.

…CFUs are Colony Forming Units—see if any are listed.

…Trenev makes probiotic products in capsule form—containing billions of CFUs.

…Check out www.natren.com.

…Come of think of it that stuff in Mom’s oven might have been a little scary.

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