Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Traveling with meds

…Consumer Reports on Health (Aug 2008) gives some tips on how to get your prescriptions through the airport.

…But first, do you ever watch the show "Locked Up Abroad"? As the on-the-nose title hints, it’s about deep thinkers who agree to take suitcases someone else packed through thirtd-world airports. Good show, very wages-of-sin.

…OK, back to real life. Apparently the TSA is inconsistent on what is allowed. Our government? Really? Inconsistent?

…Some guy named Scott T. Mueller, author of The Empty Carousel: A Consumer’s Guide to Checked and Carry-On Luggage,” is quoted.

…Apparently, other nations are stricter and even more whimsical. The United Arab Emirates forbids bringing in antidepressants, estrogen, and over-the-counter cough syrup.

…Always bring enough medication to cover an extended stay. Bring copies of your prescriptions, too (does your drugstore give these back, HA’s doesn’t).

…Also bring the doctor’s phone and fax.

…If you are going through an airport, keep the substances in the original packaging. The bottle should match the ticket name.

…Bring most of it in your carry-on bags in case your checked bags wander.

…Liquid medication, like all other liquids, must be 3 oz or less.

…If you are going through time zones, and especially if you are on insulin, work out a schedule with your doctor.

…And if some swarthy customer comes up to you in a bar and asks if you would like to try out a new hotel in Caracas or take an all-expense paid vacay to Peru, just say, "I don't think so."


Yojeved Golani said...

I recommend making photocopies of each prescription BEFORE you take them to pharmacists. The doctor's contact info can be scribbled in
along the margin or on the back of each photocopy. Do the same thing for your eyewear (glasses, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses).


Star Lawrence said...

Good idea! I do wonder about taking your doctor's phone number--would my doctor, even if he could be found to take a call, want to talk to some customs guy in the Middle East about how, yes, I need to take Xanax.