Friday, August 22, 2008

What makes Sammy run?

…Stu Woo (great name), writing in the WSJ, Aug 22, 2008, says some dedicated exercisers have decided to commute to work not only on foot, but on running foot.

…One guy (SF, where else) leaves at 6 am to get to work by 10 am—23 miles.

…He does this twice a week—to save on gas. And to train.

…He is called an ultra—he runs in ultra-marathons of not 26, but 100 miles.

…One guy carries a baton to fend off dogs.

…Also if your office does not sport a shower, and you show up a sodden, heaving mass, then what? One woman showers first. Uh..oh, never mind.

…This woman cleans up with baby wipes—and an office mate asked, “Who changed a diaper?” She now uses scentless baby wipes and swear she does not offend.

…The San Francisco guy saves $18 a week on gas for his BMW.

…BMW? You mean he doesn’t drive a Prius?

…Which reminds HA. What about the deadly fumes he is happily sucking in now by the 23-mile load.

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