Thursday, September 04, 2008

As economy worsens, health sort of doesn’t

…Susan Brink, writing in the New York Times, says yes, people are worried as they watch their retirement funds dwindle and lie awake fearing losing their jobs. While poverty worsens obesity, asthma, kidney and heart disease, the picture is not all bad.

…Death goes down as unemployment goes up, says a prof at the Univ of NC.

…He did a spreadsheet—sure enough, deaths dropped as the economy dipped.

…Traffic accidents go down (who can afford to go anywhere?).

…Industrial accidents drop (fewer people in the workplace). Also there is less pollution in the air.

…Alcohol and smoking decreased (again $$$).

…Heavy drinkers cut back the most. Moderate drinkers even drank a few more cocktails.

…Mental health, however, suffered, but people did not die from it.

…One doctor said only the mental health declining thing was true.

…Oh…and those who still had jobs started fighting less at work and taking fewer risks.

…Good way to stay employed.

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