Thursday, September 25, 2008

Buh-zang! Teens wake up

…HA has a young person around someplace who is, shall we say, less than animated much of the time. She may need more caffeine.

…But…seriously…scientists are clucking today over energy drinks—seems they impart too much goodness!

….They are up nights on Red Bulls at Johns Hopkins converting energy drinks into Coca-Cola equivalents. Some equal 14 cans of Coke!

…OK, that’s a ton, all snarkiness aside. But since it’s a $5.4 billion business, these are not going away.

…These docs wants better labels to scare people away from Caffeine Intoxication, which the last time HA looked is legal and it’s darn tricky to scare people away from legal intoxications (except prescription drugs).

…Still, abusers are still coming by the ER with “jolt and crash episodes.” Jolt and crash--like the sound of that? Check the fridge.

…When you add alcohol, it’s even worse.

…And, of course, we hear it leads to harder stuff. Even 14 Cokes in one glass can’t compete with little brother’s Ritalin, cadged from the medicine cabinet.

…Do you kids want to get old enough to think straight? Then try not to be too big an idiot now.

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