Thursday, September 18, 2008

Disaster worse if you're disabled

…This is National Preparedness Month—aren’t you glad HA never tells you all these months? You’re welcome.

….Did you notice we just had another hurricane mess down Louisiana and Texas way? Those people are suffering, hot, wiped out.

…Anyhow, if you are housebound or wheelchair bound, blind, or not too nimble these days, you may want to see if there is a database in your area where you can sign up so emergency people know about your situation.

…A helpful website is Also, FEMA recommends you lay in 72 hours of supplies—a gallon of water person per day, nonperishable food, radio, baby formula, diapers, you can make a list.

…Families of disabled people should also know what they are doing for the person in the event of a disaster. The site has much of this info.

…You know your own abilities—and limitations. Can you get out of the house? Can you hear the TV? Can you phone? Is your respirator plugged into electricity that could go out?

…Hook up with someone 100 miles away—sometimes long distance calls go through better.

…Have a couple of nearby people in mind and talk it over in advance. One may not be home or able to help—you need more than one.

…Make a list of your meds and when you take them. Keep it with you.

…The key is plan and think ahead. Get anything done ahead that you can.

…HA likes to panic ahead, too—but has been advised that this is not a becoming trait.

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