Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Do you get a 'script and pop it in your mouth?

…Whoa, whoa. Think first. In the 1960s, there were 600 drugs—now there are more than5,000. Even docs can’t keep up.

…Writing for the Associated Press, Ricardo Alonso-Zalvidar talks about a list of drugs the FDA has posted as having possible very bad side effects. The list is barebones, no statistics, just the name of the drug, what it’s for, and what it might do.

…So don’t stop taking this stuff—ask the doctor, as they say. (Of course, expect to be patronized, or maybe not, aren’t docs getting better about this?)

…R-Gene 10, a growth hormone, problems with packaging leading to overdose (kids).

…Syprane, anesthetic, could cause cardiac arrest.

…Cymbalta, for depression (and pain), can cause urinary retention (also sexual side effects).

…Intelence. For HIV, linked to bleeding into joints.

…Carac or Kuric, creams for skin rashes and fungal infections, can get switched due to confusion over their names.

….Heparin, blood thinner, serious allergic reactions.

…Extraneal, used in kidney dialysis, can cause low blood sugar.

…Humulin R (U-500), insulin, dosing confusion has occurred.

…Stromectol and Warfarin, an antiparasite drug and blood thinner, can interact badly.

…Revlimid. For multiple melanoma, severe skin blistering.

..Tysabri for MS—link to melanoma.

…Sandostatin LAR for abnormal bone growth, linked to bowel obstruction.

…OxyContin, painkiller, widely abused.

…Definity. Used in heart imaging, linked to bad cardiac reactions.

…Dilantin injection for epilepsy, linked to serious skin problems.

…Seroquel for bipolar disoerder, overdose due to bad sample pack design.

…Tyseka for chronic Hep B. Nerve damage possible.

…Tumor Necrosis Factor for juvenile arthritis, now linked to cancer.

…HA hates the blood thinner warfarin, which probably complicated her retina problem leading to loss of sight in her right eye.

…This stuff isn’t Tic Tacs, people!

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