Monday, September 29, 2008

Dystonia--you may need to tell your doctor

…HA knows a beautiful young lawyer with dystonia—a movement disorder that causes muscles to clench or spasm of their own accord—over and over, all day, all night.

…The mechanism that makes muscles relax is not functioning properly.

…This is the third most-common muscle movement disorder after Parkinson’s and tremors.

…But often even doctors aren’t aware of it. HA’s friend says this is is very frustrating.

…Some days, she cannot type well because the hand and foot on one side are spasming.

…It is estimated 300,000 people have it in North America—men, women, children.

…HA's friend got it from a blood clot after surgery. There are many causes, though and many ways it shows up.

…So for more info go to

…Here is a first-hand account, too.

…And be glad—you probably don’t have it. But maybe someone you know has weird symptoms and is becoming less able to function. Remember this post.


Debbi said...

Hey Star,

Thanks for the link and for spreading the word about dystonia. One tiny correction: the blood clot caused a stroke, which led to the dystonia. One neurologist told me dystonia only occurs in one out of 200 stroke cases. With odds like those, I should play the lottery more often. :)

Star Lawrence said...

I often think that lottery thing, Debbi. At my first eye surg--they said I had a 90% chance of saving my sight in that eye. The second and third surg--70%. The bad things won instead. I guess that would be "the house," if you are not religious.