Wednesday, September 17, 2008


…Eeek, HA got a giant hairball in her baby fines and had to sort of tease it out (OK, yank). Brush that stuff while it’s wet, people, or comb it or something.

…Anyhow, this was not good and HA lost a ton of bottle blond. So imagine her delight to see an article by Connie Midey in the AZ Republic (Sept 16, 2008) on how many boomers are losing their locks—and not just men!

…Supposedly, there are cures or at least palliatives. First, Midey writes, make sure there is no medical reason for falling hair—such as thyroid problems.

…Rogaine apparently works and is not some weird invention of the Hair Club for Men. Use as directed. But remember—it may take twice a day for up to a year before you see results.

…Propecia is a once-a-day pill you get by prescription. This is the other FDA-approved drug for male pattern baldness. This, like Rogaine, is better at maintaining than creating hair—so start early. Again, be patient—it make take a year.

…As for hair transplants the little doll-wig-like clumps are a thing of the past. Now, it’s hard to detect. It takes six months to look nice.

…Laser therapy supposedly perks up the scalp and increases blood flow. This may be fleeting. Some people think it works.

…Low iron can be a factor in women’s hair loss, so sometimes those hair vitamins may help (HA thinks they do).

…They are also cloning hair these days—but you may have to wait 10 yrs for this technology to arrive.

…You can also sort of dye your scalp to make thin hair less noticeable. No, not that black spray paint!

…Nioxin brand products keep coming up.

…Keep hair short—long hair makes it look worse.

…HA likes long hair—but she promises not to yank it out and to comb out tangles in the future.

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