Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to call in "well"

…Ah, Ferris Bueller, a role model of HA’s.

…Anyhow, back in the misties when HA had a self-respecting job, she used to take the odd sick day just to kick and be happy.

…Her philosophy was call the sort of scattered receptionist early enough and say, “I feel too good to come to work” and the woman would write it down as sick.

…The Arizona Republic (Sept 13, 2008), has some other tips for snagging a day off.

…Don’t email. If you can write one, the boss may make you work at home.

…Don’t go into details. No one gives good details.

…Food poisoning—winner. It lasts one day and no one wants you to come in.

…Don’t write about this on Facebook.

…Don’t return to the office sunburned.

…Take your mental health mid-week. Friday is a dead giveaway.

…Say, “I may need to go to the doctor.” Don’t commit yourself. This prevents later check-ins.

…Don’t go a movie near your office—there could be another “sickie” from the office in there.

…Have any other tips, readers?

…HA once started a really scary Stephen King book on a Sunday nite, kept the light on reading, fell asleep about 4—woke up at 7—called in sick. Then started reading and it was so scary even in the light, she went to work.

…Her assistant said, “I thought you were….”

…”Miracle," HA muttered and shut her office door.

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