Monday, September 15, 2008

How to dial back to part-time

…Some of us are part-time because of the bad economy. Sucko. But others need a shorter schedule.

…Karen Springen, writing in Newsweek (May 12, 2008) says some women, especially, like to work part-time. Employers, too, can be talked into it, because it may save them on benefits.

…If you are tired of the rat race and would prefer to race around with the rugrats, consider cutting back hours. Thirty-six percent of employers now allow this. Another healthy chunk allows job sharing.

…First, you have to make yourself invaluable. Some people go part-time from full-=time. Others call a service such as Ten til 2 ( or Mom Corps (

…Ask how many hours are expected. If the full-timers are working 60 hrs, do you need to commit to 30, rather than the old-time 20?

…Will the company pay for your laptop and DSL? If you don’t want to work during school vacations, you need to set that up in advance.

…Get an hourly wage—then if the hours creep up, you are paid for them.

…Ask if being part-ime means never getting promoted. Sometimes it does mean that.

…Make sure your family understands you are working (and your dog, HA adds).

…It’s harder for some professions to go part-time. Think about it,

…To avoid ending up working almost full-time for part-time money, ask for your full-time job to go to four days or find some way to make it more flexible but still full-time. (Some part-time jobs also come with benefits, though.)

…Watch out for yourself. Some of your work may be at home—employers can tend to give short shrift to people they don't see much.

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