Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kickin' in AZ

…For some reason, the Brits did a study at Univ of Cambridge that said Arizonans lead less stressful lives and are more likely to value self-discipline than other Americans.

…HA has no idea why Brits would do this—but they didn’t check in with her!

…The point, actually, was that personalities vary by state.

…North Dakotans, they claimed, are more sociable and affable than most.

…New Yorkers—high strung and creative.

…The national “stress belt,” they said, divides anxious and impulsive Easterners from the relaxed West.

…Which comes first, the personality or the place, which then shapes the personality? Apparently, the traits—which then form the overall ambiance.

…If the people are imaginative and creative, museums and universities abound, which in turn makes people more imaginative and creative.

..HA once wrote an essay on how people on the East Coast were grownups and drink martinis and dressed like Stone Phillips. People in the Midwest were young adults, energetic and hard-working. People in the Southwest were the teens, tearing around in t-shirts, and on the West Coast, they were little kids, in tiny shirts and vroom-vroom cars. Something like that.

….Anyhow, HA was more relaxed then.

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