Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little bursts of exercise

…A study came out the other day saying if you had a certain gene thing going on, you needed to “move” four hours a day to lose weight.

…”Move” is the new word for exercise. Less icky, you know.

…Consumer Reports on Health *Sept 2008) contains a story about ways to “move” a lot during the day without some full-on gym outing.

…Scientists at Mayo Clinic, according to this, have found that some people just fidget and jump around like a cricket on Red Bull all day (don’t believe they mentioned the RB, but you get the idea). These “movementy” types roll over more in bed, pace, go outside after dinner and toss the ball, that sort of thing.

…Doing a lot of that can burn 350 cals a day! For the average person, this is like walking an hour and a half.

…Walk or bike at least partway to work. Park far from the door (that’s an oldie-goldie), use the stairs…

…Stand at your desk. Walk to other offices, don’t call. Keep elastic bands and tug on them at your desk.

…At home, use a manual can opener. Rake leaves (don’t call the kid).

…Walk the dog (get one if you don’t already have one—HA). Go dancing.

…They also said change the channel without the remote. That went a step too far.

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