Friday, September 19, 2008

Mind over madder

…Ever have days?

…Anger is a reaction to a threat, according to Jane Middleton-Mox, MS, and Peaco Todd, MS, authors of “Good and Mad: Transform Anger Using Mind, body, Soul and Humor.

…When blood rushes to your arms to punch, it runs away from your brain—they say.

…Boys more often express anger as aggression, the authors told HA once for a WebMD story.

…Can you get your Dad’s temper? The jury is out on this. This propensity may be duplicating how your Dad acted, not a genetic imperative.

…Anger usually comes in stages. First is passive-aggression—the silent the treatment, the teeth gritting, the sneaky foiling of the object of the anger.

….Then comes sarcasm.

…Then cold anger. Maybe the angry person leaves the room.

…The comees hostility. Someone in line starts tapping a toe. The angry person seems like a timebomb ready to blow.

…Then comes—BAM! The shouting, the pushing, grabbing, throwing things.

…The Five S’s, HA was told, affect anger. Sleep, stress, sustenance, substances and sickness.

….See which are affecting you.

…Then actively listen to the other person.

….Move your body…exercise.

…Write your anger on a sticky and put it on the sole of your shoe and stomp on it.

…As for that last, HA believes you will start laughing and lightening things up.

…So don't forget to buy Post-Its.

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