Tuesday, October 28, 2008

100 calories of regret

…Since we can’t count out a few cookies, the manufacturers came up with those 100-calorie snack packs.

…Now, an Arizona State study shows that dieters tend to take in more calories when they are being “virtuous” with these supposedly controlled portions.

…They did four studies with about 350 people each, divided into restrained (dieters, they thought) and unrestrained (based on a question about what they ate when no one was looking).

…They gave them 200 cals worth of mini-M&M's in four small bags or 200 cals worth of regular M&Ms in a larger bag. The same was done for small cookies in small bags, regular cookies in larger bags.

…They were told to each as much as they liked in 40 mins. 18% of the dieters finished the small bags but only 4% ate everything in the large bags.

…The scientists buzzed about this for awhile—nondieters tend not to have guilt and regret was one conclusion—if they stop being hungry, they stop eating.

…Dieters, they speculated, also tend to eat beyond a threshold, then say what the heck and eat the rest.

…This could even mean the rest of the small packs in the house. Ooops—so that’s what they meant by “rest.”

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