Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bad times can mean bad treatment

…October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (yes, HA promised not to drag out all these dopey months—pretend she didn’t).

…Some people, though, may not even know they are the subject of domestic violence. It can involve little things like pinching or hair-pulling.

…Or someone may throw things at you. That’s violence.

…Threatening suicide to get their way—emotional violence.

…Taking your money or paycheck—violence.

…Forcing you to have sex when you don’t want to—bad.

…Keeping you away from friends and family—this can be a sign of things to come.

…Monitoring your calls and emails—not good.

…You cannot change the abuse by changing your behavior! This is very important to remember. Abusers don’t change without treatment—and tend to get worse over time.

…You have the option to call the police. They can walk you through a protection order. Many places have a team in place to help you work within the system.

…Tell supportive friends and family. This is not a good secret to keep.

…Plan how you would leave. Keep a packed bag at a friend’s home. Make sure you have your paperwork—birth certificates and SS cards.

…If you know someone in this situation—think about all the above steps. Even if you don’t know anyone—donate to a shelter. You never know when you may need services in place.

…Your safety is important. Your children’s safety is important. Don’t try to paper things over until it’s too late.

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