Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Be Prepared" is right

…The Scouting Association, which just turned 100 last year, is offering sex education.

….The goal they say is to keep kids from being pressured to have sex too young.

…Many kids are becoming sexually active under age 16. Sometimes way under.

…This story broke in England, scouting’s home base.

…Apparently only Explorer Scouts (no jokes) from 14-18 will visit sexual health clinics and role play about how to say no.

…Lord Robert Baden-Powell advised boys with urges to wash their “parts” in cold water and cool them down.

…Energy is best put into hiking, he said, rather than aimless loafing and smutty talks.

…Kind of hard to argue with that one.

…And isn’t there something about Clean In Thought, Word and Deed?

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