Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cook the old-fashioned way

…Josh Fink, AP, writes that cooking big chunks of meat in the microwave may let loose the dreaded salmonella. Better to use the gizmo to heat up, not cook.

…Food related illnesses with vomiting and sweating and liquid bowels are no treat and can even kill.

…Microwaves heat unevenly, leaving cool spots that can be full of writhing microbes.

….Microwaves also lose power over time and the low-wattage ones may not zap things well enough in the first place.

…If you insist on cooking meat in the box, use a meat thermometer to the level indicated on the thermometer.

….And don’t assume all frozen meals are precooked, either.

…Yick…what about if your giant yellow cat eats on top of the thing? Is he being slowly braised?

…HA knew microwaves were too good to be true!

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