Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cop out?

…According to Government Technology magazine (, cops in San Francisco are rolling out a new “alarm” system to cut through traffic noise and cell phone talking.

…It’s called the Rumbler, otherwise known as the Intersection Clearing System.

…High output speakers and subwoofers bounce low-frequency sound waves off buildings and vehicles.

…Then what? Then people throw their hands over their ears in distress. Your body shakes from it like a freight train going by, experts say.

…Rumblers are being tested in Washington DC, New York, and Elk Grove, CA.

…Many places have sound laws that prohibit gadgets like this.

…Maybe because people freak out and throw their hands up—which can be awkward in a driving situation. And could wake your baby. Or scare your older kids.

…Or you. Scare you.

…And if you felt an earthquakey feeling—would you think “Police”? Or would you think, “Someone should call the police.”

1 comment:

si said...

ive heard the rumbler numerous times now, its not unreasonable at all. I'd say its a fairly mild vibrating noise & less annoying than a straight up siren.