Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall back,live longer...spring...oh, never mind

…Supposedly scientists think heart attacks drop by 5% when we set the clocks back an hour. “Springing forward” also cuts them 5%, according to this.

…This is one giant senior moment for HA—Arizona does not go on daylight savings and for the spring, summer, and part of the fall, AZ is on CA time. The cable shows are on at different times. It is all most puzzling.

…But why would people's hearts attack them less often on standard time? The researchers thought it might be a function of gaining an hour sleep (fall back an hour, good for the heart).

…The lost hour of shuteye in spring, under this, would cause more heart attacks.

…The researchers (Sweden) looked at before and after time change data from 1987 to 2006.

…This study seems a little bogus to HA. Would an hour’s sleep make that much difference?

…Oh, well, good to know we are now destined to live. Except for HA, of course, who can’t decide what time it is—ever—and is getting palpitations even writing this.

…Oh—don’t forget to do something to your clock Sat nite. HA does nothing to hers, but doesn’t know why not.

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