Friday, October 17, 2008

The great god named MRI

…You need an MRI. The MRI will show us… Please schedule an MRI.

…Sheesh, with this thing.

...Yes, it can be an amazing diagnostic help in the right hands, but it is also wicked expensive and needs lots of paid uses to pay it off.

…Writing in The New York Times on Oct 14, 2008, Gina Kolata details the experience of two people who had MRIs but were still hurting—and the MRIs failed to show their injuries.

…Both came through this situation OK, but the fact remains that MRIs aren’t always the last word—or should not be.

…In one above case, the MRI was re-examined and found to be of bad quality—the difference between black & white TV and HDTV, the doc said.

…Often doctors get MRI reports from other doctors and have no idea if the test was done properly.

…The skill of the technician can be a huge factor.

…Be sure your MRI is at a facility sanctioned by the American College of Radiology—but Kolata points out that even this does not tell you how old the machine is or who is running it.

…The people checking the scan can also be a factor. Ask the name of your radiologist. Check the medical board to see if he or she has had any problems.

…If you are told your MRI shows nothing wrong, and you are still having pain or problems, get another opinion.

…Oh—and the doctors said an exam and a thorough history may arrive at the proper diagnosis as well as a trip into the tube.

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