Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Keep an eye on the little goblins

…HA likes the word goblin…And the verb “gobbling”—but for Halloween, not T-day. Gobbling at Halloween is the sound someone makes if they have no tongue…brawhahahaha.

…Actually, H’ween is a neat holiday. HA sometimes paints blood and bruises on her face and deeply traumatized suck marks on her neck (black eyeshadow).

…But with the kiddies wandering around loose, you have to be a little careful. Make sure they have flameproof costumes. Rub your hand around the mask—no sharp wires or anything?

…Look for nylon or polyester—they are pretty flame-resistant.

…No baggy sleeves or skirts that trip little feet.

…If it’s nippy out, be sure the coat goes over the costume without inhibiting the kid.

…Use face paint instead of a mask if masks tend to slip over eyes.

…Put reflective stickers on the goodie bags or even the costumes.

…Keep the kids on the sidewalks, not in darkened yards with uneven terrain.

…Don’t let the kids eat the candy until you look it over. The wacky idea of x-raying candy is kind of out now…just be sure the candy does not look unwrapped.

…And reassure the little kids. Some of this stuff is creepy—witness HA’s beaten up face, which used to scare the tots with its nail polish blood drips. “You are hurted,” whispered one, burying her face in her Dad’s neck.

…Have people remove their masks if a child is scared.

…Some schools have gone to Wackyville and won’t allow costumes anymore, saying H’ween is devil worship or something.

….Now that's scary!

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