Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pets in the wild

…HA’s animals are family members and she doesn’t care who knows it.

…The AP’s Michael Virtanen writes about how to take your dog out on a trek in the wild, now that the days are nicer and cooler.

…There is a knack to taking Fluffball the Poodle into the woods. Many dogs will charge off and get lost or tangle with some fierce wildlife, say a porcupine.

…Sometimes, too, little dogs don’t like to push through tall grass or sit in a boat or canoe without lunging out. (Don't tie a dog in, if the boat overturns this could be fatal.)

…Other dangers are parasites and local animals. Dogs can get Lyme disease, dysentery from water, or injuries from rocks or falls. Snakes can strike in some locales, or bears can stand up out of the undergrowth.

…Ooops—Smokey could be a significant health issue for you, too! And Fluffball may not be that much of a help, although poodles can get pretty attitudinous and were originally hunting dogs.


twobuyfour said...

Pets are definitely a part of the family. The key is to take them out on adventures when they're young and still trainable. Then you are set up for years of companionship indoors or out!

Star Lawrence said...

Hi, twobuyfour! You're still reading this blog! And good point.