Monday, October 13, 2008


…The Women’s Sports Foundation says everyone needs to play more.

…HA can dig that.

…Sports shape kids’ health, families are more content, but many families are finding schools are shortchanging their daughters when it comes to sports.

…Nine in 100 families also have a kid with a disability—they are more likely to be shut out of sports, as are immigrant children (think “Bend it Like Beckham,” where soccer was not for Indian girls).

…Urban girls are also left out—84% have no PE in 11th and 12th grade.

…Parents—especially dads—are key to making sure girls get a shot.

…But, experts warn, burnout can come around age 13. Maybe the kid is on a travel team with too much running around and setting off at dawn. Or coaches and parents are too aggressive—“What the HELL are you doing, you are killing me!”

…So, be that hockey Mom or soccer Mom, get those girls out there. But keep it real.

…Oh, and field hockey? No human should even have to know what that is.

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