Thursday, October 23, 2008

Senior whats?

…Gack! What was that person’s name again? That movie—you know, the one with that tall guy in it…

…When words and names don’t tumble into your consciousness immediately someone has charmingly decided this is a “senior” moment, though HA could name a ton of spaced-out twenty-someones who can’t remember squat.

…Her? Defensive?

…If you want to stay sharp (or as sharp as anyone deserves from you), the advice is eat healthy food, loading up on fatty fish, if you can remember to.

…Visit and call friends. The more social you are, the keener.

…Exercise, get that blood up to those brain cells.

…Think. This means exercise your brain. Read. Play bridge. HA fulminates on blogs. Learn a foreign language (HA cannot remember where she put the Spanish course she bought, but will get right on that).

…Keep your BP in line and watch that cholesterol. They are pretty vague about what causes those sticky globs that gum up brains but they sound kinda fatty.

…Best of all—laugh a lot if you can find something funny. HA has a theory that this keeps things moving and broken up and all that good stuff.


frannie said...

Hi Star

love your site and right up my alley. I am not medically smart but I like to know what can make me better. I don't like the Senior Moment label, but it happens. I heard eating blueberries increases circulation to the brain and helps memory. I also read that doing new things, not just being active keeps the brain young.

Star Lawrence said...

Yes, I think doing something unexpected and out of your rut (or MY rut, because I get into them) reroutes blood and brain connections. Using the brain can create more connections. Thanks for commenting! And welcome--I post every weekday. 905 posts so far!