Thursday, October 02, 2008

Single moms with cancer get a hand

…When it’s all on you and you are sick to your stomach, lying awake at night worrying, making out a will, or juggling medical appointments, you don’t have a team effort. You are the team!

…And you can't rope the kids in and make them shoulder too much, either.

…This is why Singleton Moms got

….Two Scottsdale, AZ, women started this when they watched a friend, Michelle Singleton, struggle with and eventually die of cancer.

…When their friend succumbed, they called the American Cancer Society and found another single mother to “adopt.” They helped with copays, cleaned her house, brought over meals and just talked.

…Their groups has helped more than 60 mothers so far.

…Not all die, of course. In fact, they are so grateful they start pitching in to help other single mothers as soon as they are up to it.

…Even though money is tight—they only suggest you give $5 on the fifth of each month.

…Five bucks? Can do? Then these women have a team.

….Speaking of cancer, Dr Susan Love, long a top expert in the breast field, has tagged up with Avon to launch a research effort called Army of Women. Check it out at

…Onward, my babies!

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