Friday, October 24, 2008

Weird Halloween contacts need good care

…Sure, those tiger eye contacts are scary—but so is pinkeye or a painful corneal scratch.

…According to the American Optometric Assn, decorative contacts may be a sometime thing, but require the same care as “real” ones.

…Often, and this should tell you something, they are obtained illegally without a prescription—from a friend or beauty shop. Even the flea market.

…Certainly these people are not contact specialists.

…Always ash your hands before handling any contact lens.

…Clean in an approved solution according to the instructions.

…Store them in a regulation case. Clean the case after each use!

…Remove lens before swimming.

…This applies to colored, non-corrective lenses, too—to all lenses.

…Oh, heck, wouldn’t some fake blood be just as scary!?

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