Thursday, October 09, 2008

Working around limitations

...HA got some forms from her new eye doc and the forms were blurry from making copies of copies. These are for EYE patients, people--think about it.

…Mostly, though, although her right eye is kaput, she just magoos aroud, grabs for her magnifying glass, asks people to read her stuff the glass doesn’t work on, etc.

…So far, so good—can still see words on the computer and has learned to like books on CD (for her occasional reviews, check out

…Writing in Research Frontiers, the Univ of Arkansas mag (Fall 2008), Heidi Stambuck talks about some aids for people with noisome problems.

…Lots of the time, people with multiple sclerosis, especially, quit their jobs when diagnosed, but don’t realize it can affect each person differently. Some had vision problems, others locomotion or balance issues, or speech impediments.

…Now with the boomers about to leave the workforce, means must be taken to accommodate people with workable disabilities.

…Most steps cost less than $500. Some are free.

…People with MS, for example, need pretty constant temperatures in the workplace. Let them have some control over it.

…Short-term memory loss can be aided by a calendar service to alert the worker to upcoming events.

…Computer monitors come with enlarged fonts.

…Maybe the person needs a flexible work schedule for “bad” days. Or even as a normal schedule, so they can finesse rush hour.

…Many sufferers may be like HA, who is relatively fortunate so far—they just cruise or muddle along, step by step, day by day.

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