Friday, November 14, 2008

Ah...Sun-dried sheets

…We are all going back to basics (broke), so how about air-dried laundry?

…United Feature Syndicate’s Mary Jane Butters says outdoor laundry drying is reaching “religious” proportions in some circles. She is editor of “Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine,” so sounds little old-timey.

…Still, remember how good those sheets smelled? Remember sleeping porches open to the air, those sheets on the bed, maybe even ironed? They used to iron sheets!

…Mary Jane likes the whole niner—the lifting of the wet clothes, the snapping them flat, the pinning. Renewal—clean again.

…She also decries caustic, chemically cleaning agents.

…Of course, 60 million Americans are forbade the pleasure of outdoor drying—it’s illegal for them.

…Yet think of all the energy dryers use.

…If you aren’t afraid of the clothesline cops, get good sturdy clothespins. might be a place.

…Get a good laundry basket—not warpy plastic.

…Get a wooden dry rack for inside on rainy days. HA might use the dryer on those days.

…For more info, check out

….HA doesn't know about religious, but those sheets did smell good in olden times.

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