Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back in the game after a heart attack

…Having a heart attack can really put a spoke in your wheel. Some people suffer a physiological depression, fearfulness, lack of libido, and other negs.

…Doctors recommend addressing your health first—changes in lifestyle. Eat carefully, exercise, and quit smoking if need be.

…You will need to exercise—it helps rather than hurts--though the doc may do a stress test first.

…Lose weight—they say that for ANYTHING.

…Control your blood pressure and cholesterol.

…Cut your alcohol consumption if it’s creeping up.

…Manage your blood sugar.

…If you feel more than blue—suicidal, for instance--get help with depression.

…Take all meds as prescribed—ask questions. Be proactive!

…Any dizziness, nausea, arm pain—get help immediately.

…Your heart needs to heal and you need to trust your body again. Both can take a while, but you will get there.


Robin P said...

This post needs a comment, Star, so that this blog looks like it gets traffic.


the one-and-only

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Star Lawrence said...

Rob! How's N3, are you two still...er, communicating? Weirdly---I get traffic, from being on Lexis-Nexis, but no one seems to be very chatty. Welcome. Come on back.