Monday, November 24, 2008

Cooking for junior

……Brooke Romney, writing in the Arizona Republic’s SE Valley Living, Nov 12, 2008, says she used to have to breathe through her mouth to avoid the weird odor of commercial baby food—not a good sign.

….Now, she makes the food for her tot—using such ingredients as bananas, lentils, ricotta, cranberry sauce, and other tasties.

…She started out at websites such as and

…Now she just throws things together. She buys produce and bakes, steams or boils it, and mashes it with a fork or in the blender. She makes batches on the weekends and freezes it.

…All she avoids is citrus, tomatoes, berries, gluten, nuts, and eggs because of possible allergies—but this can be an individual decision.

…Are babies like dogs—don’t give them table food? Guess not.

...HA might add this this is probably TONS cheaper than those little jars.

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