Thursday, November 20, 2008

Docs who make computer calls

…Ever gotten up with what you know is a bladder infection, but the doc says please come over? But, you say, I have had this before. Come over.

…Maybe if you had a webcam and a doctor who also had a webcam and was part of a new movement toward electronic housecalls, you could clear up the pain sooner.

…Writing in the NYT (Nov 19, 2008), Claire Cain Miller says services like a new one called American Well, founded by two brothers, may soon take hold.

..BCBS of Hawaii is signing up for the beta test in 2009.

…You get a 10-minute consult via computer (extent of visual physical exam unknown, but thinking about it is amusing) and pay a copay just as you do with an office visit.

…Docs can pick up money logging on and waiting for sick people.

…There is even malpractice insurance.

…Of course, if you are having a blinding headache or chest pains, use the other device—the phone.

…Don’t just sit there staring into the camera and breathing your last thinking: Ain’t technology a blast?

…HA thinks this will catch on. She would use it!

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