Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't mash the potato

…Ah, the lowly spud. It’s back! After being reviled as a dangerous carb and blamed for everything from obesity to low McDonalds stock prices, it has now been redeemed by the Mayo Clinic Health Letter.

…Sure those high fat toppings (yuh-ummm!) like butter, sour cream and bacon add fat, but otherwise the tatie is pretty much a solid health food.

…A medium-sized russet is about 160 cals.

…True a potato has 37 grams of carbs, but it is also jammed with vitamin C, potassium (more than spinach or a banana), and even has 40 grams of protein (equal to half a cup of milk). In addition—iron!

…Avoid peeling—most of the nutrients are right under the skin, not in the skin, but can easily be discarded.

…Don’t forget—those peels are loaded with fiber.

…Come on, just a little butter? Teeny-tiny?

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