Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hey, worry wart

…Yipes, political weirdness, no money, no prospects, a fresh hell (as Dorothy Parker would say) everyday, who isn’t worried?

…Well, we always have the Who Me Worry set, but I mean, REALLY, who isn’t worried?

…Sonia Haller (Arizona Republic, Nov 11, 2008) quotes Robert Leahy, author of The Worry Cure.

…He says knowing what you can control and what you can’t is key. (Yeah—and then…?)

…He cites different kinds of worriers. The first is The Fortune Teller. You believe you are foretelling the future. Shift from worry to something that brings calm and joy.

…The Ruminator keeps going over the past, This only brings regret. Try to focus on each even, ask what did I learn, and let it go.

…The Global Warrior worries about the fate of the planet. Worrying does not help the extinct animals or starving children.

…The Control Freak believes thoughts can control events. This is delusion. Calm your chattering mind!

…The Generalist. You worry about everything—and nothing. The traffic, your IRA, try to turn your mind toward one thing at a time.

…Good grief, HA is all these! Now she has that to worry about! Too many kinds of worrier!

…Let it go, calm and joy, learn something—easier said than done. HA worries about that.


TypewriterStreaming said...

I'm worried about worrying. Thanks for giving me something more to mull over! -
I enjoyed this post - thank you.

Star Lawrence said...

Typey! Welcome.