Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Leaving the country?

…Was it the election? Something HA said? Anyhow, if you are decamping, even if for a vacay, do you ever check the State Dept website (www. for tips on staying alive?

….This does more than warn about the water—you can find out—maybe—whether you will get kidnapped or caught in a crossfire. Good to know.

…According to a story by Carol Pucci, in the Seattle Times, though, other govt websites such as Australia, UK, or Canada have better info.

…Often, critics say, the US govt doesn’t review warnings very often or bases them on feuds with other governments or feuds with allies of other governments.

…Thailand, for example, has been a trouble spot since Sept, according to Pucci. There was a state of emergency in Bangkok, though the problems were limited to the prime minister’s compound and nearby areas. Airports were closed for awhile, though.

…Other governments urged against all travel or advised extreme caution.

…The US did not add Thailand under any of its levels of alerts. Concerned travelers would have had to go to its catchall section—Country Specific Information—and then click on embassy notices for info on the violence.

…Even then, this was not changed when the situation changed.

…You might want to check out: or For UK advisories, go to

…Strolling into the middle of war could bum out your whole vacation.

…At minimum.

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