Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lung cancer sufferers don't "deserve" it

…HA has done this—heard about someone with lung cancer and thought, “Smoker.”

…What does that mean to do that? Does it mean, whew, I am safe because I don’t smoke. Does it mean, well, what does that person expect?

…Kathleen Bartzen writes in On Wisconsin, the alum mag of guess where, that the Tracey Weigel, MD, a chest surgeon and oncologist at the Univ of Wisc, says lung cancer kills 160,000 people a year.

…Almost 85% die within five years of being diagnosed.

…Lung cancer kills more women than breast, ovarian, uterine and cervical combined.

…But because it has been linked to smoking, it is considered a shameful or “dirty” disease and people put off treatment.

…Half the people who get it had long since stopped smoking.

..15% never lit up. Never smoked!

…If the disease is caught before it gets out of the lungs, prospects are way better. But only 16% of cases are caught early.

…Weigel’s mother died of it and her dying words were, “I killed myself.”

…No, a disease killed you.

…Weigel brings in a team of doctors and professionals to work on each case. Instead of feeling their life is collapsing, patients see a team ready to do battle.

…No one deserves this or any disease.

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